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I have concluded I want life to be like the sims!

reasons why:
  • cheat codes for money and age! you can cheat death too :)
  • nobody judges you for being different
  • you can have triplets with a cheat code lol
  • you can live near a cemetery without anybody thinking you're fucked up
  • you can have an epic house thanks to cheat codes ;)
  • if you get bored of something; you just delete it and you get cash for it.
  • you can have sex all the time and it's fine :D
  • you can grow up when you want
  • you can chose a short life time; or an epically long one.
  • there's no president
  • you can make yourself hot. and you can change your hair and clothes all the time
  • you can move whenever you want without selling your house
  • everybody just manages to get to the top of their career
  • everybody gets A+'s in school and are on honor roll
and now for my latest discovery of sims....

I have this family; and they have twins, a boy called Alejandro and a girl called Elise... anywho, Elise and Alejandro just became teenagers, and Alejandro kissed Elise, and Elise made out with him and then Alejandro proposed they should go steady! and Elise accepted.

it's scary. they're gonna get married... and have kids... incest sims... ehhh... I am scared now lol.


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